Reputable Firm Handles Legal Matters in the Areas of Debt Collection, Landlord-Tenant Law, and Tax Sale Foreclosures

Trusted advisor provides reliable counsel to clients in the Baltimore area

At Byers Law, LLC, I advocate for clients in Debt Collection, Landlord-Tenant Law, and Tax Sale Foreclosures. Based in Cockeysville, I am familiar with the courts of the Baltimore area and throughout Maryland. I draw on my skill and experience to help you resolve your legal problem, and no matter what your case involves, I am focused on a successful result. Please read my profile to learn more about my professional background.

Knowledgeable advocate handles multiple areas of the law

Byers Law, LLC has a thorough understanding of Maryland law. I work hard to help you get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

  • The job of a debt collector is to track down debtors and obtain the money you are owed. I successfully help you deal with uncooperative debtors and resolve your collection issues.

  • I am dedicated to helping landlords and property managers solve problems involving tenants. Contact me today to speak to an experienced landlord-tenant law attorney.

  • Tax Sale Foreclosures can become extremely complicated.  I am experienced in the laws specific to tax sale foreclosure as well as jurisdictional nuances throughout the court system.

When you retain the services of Byers Law, LLC, you can be assured that your attorney is fully qualified to take on your case.

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Byers Law, LLC sees your case through from start to finish. Let me work with you to address your legal concerns in Maryland. My office is conveniently located in Cockeysville. Call my firm at 410-324-3564 to arrange your free consultation or contact the firm online.